Exclusive life in the forest

Masaar villas for sale in Sharjah

Down payment 5% only
Installments until handover

Starting from 1,696,000 AED

About Masaar (Sequoia)

Sequoia, the sixth phase of the Masaar project, represents a residential complex characterized by privacy and tranquility, surrounded by dense trees This has been appreciated
The compound is very popular with buyers and investors, as there are only a limited number of units available for sale

A variety of fully-equipped unit options, from two-bedroom cottages to luxurious six-bedroom Sequoia Forest villas

Each Sequoia home blends rich nature with modern technologies for your comfort and the sustainability of our environment

All Sequoia residents enjoy easy access to the Central Trail, a commercial and entertainment complex with shops, restaurants and various family amenities just a short walk through the lush trees

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